at 23: 30, on Saturday it came in the vicinity of the train station in Schaffhausen, a dispute between a 33-year-old Somali and a 30-year-old Turks, with shares of the Schaffhausen police.

According to initial investigation, the elderly man in the course of the confrontation pulled out a knife, stabbed the 30-Year-old and injured him. In the result, the suspect fled in an unknown direction. The victim had to be brought in by an ambulance to the hospital.

suspect of frontier guards nabbed

Due to the of the Schaffhausen police initiated investigation was stopped at 18.00 on Sunday, the alleged perpetrator of the border guards at the train station of Schaffhausen, and then the Schaffhausen police are transferred.

witnesses to the stabbing to contact us under the phone number 052 624 24 24 in the case of the police. (szm)