Even if you are anonymous on OnlyFans, there is a risk of dramatic consequences. A Norwegian man turned to a therapist because he was following his own daughter on the site.

Therapist Tone Haldorsen warns in the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” about the dangers of erotic platforms such as Onlyfans. She explains that you may know the person whose content you are viewing. The sexologist advocates considering the potential risks of these types of platforms before deciding to create a profile.

In one specific case, she reports on a Norwegian father. After a long time of admiring and interacting with an anonymous OnlyFans profile, he finally discovered that the unknown woman was his own daughter.

The whole thing came to light during a conversation with the father’s friends, who reportedly pointed out to him that the profile belonged to a woman who lived near the troop’s hometown, according to Dagbladet. He then investigated out of curiosity and discovered the truth.

He was “shocked” and “physically ill,” said Haldorsen, who was allowed to report on the case with the express permission of the father and daughter. The revelation drove the father to the brink of suicide, the therapist explained to “Dagbladet.” After some time, he decided to confront his daughter with it. They went to therapy together.

According to Haldorsen, the woman found the situation “disgusting to say the least,” according to Dagbladet. Both eventually sought help from Haldorsen and took part in father-daughter therapy together. The daughter showed understanding for the confusion of her father, as she was difficult to recognize on her Onlyfans profile.

Both decided to keep what had happened a secret from their mother. “As far as I know, the mother still doesn’t know anything about what happened,” Haldorsen told Dagbladet. Despite the traumatic experience, the daughter continued to use the platform, while her father promised her to avoid Onlyfans.

The erotic and porn platform OnlyFans is not a source of income for everyone. The average performer on the site earns between 80 and 150 euros a month. There are also outliers, such as celebrities, who earn very large sums of money with the platform.

Or OnlyFans stars like Annie Knight, who became famous because she had sex with over 300 men in one year. She now says she can’t find a partner because she wants him to have sex with her in front of the camera. Not every man is willing to go along with it.

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