Analysts of the international consulting company Boston Consulting Group (BCG) described a new economic reality that will continue the existence and after the era of pandemic coronavirus. About it writes RIA Novosti.

the experts believe that the world is waiting for a new round of digitization. In particular, there will be the development of the online economy. In addition, the state has become a “safety cushion” for citizens and businesses, increased trust in institutions and the emergence of new forms of PPPs at the regional level.

In the period of a pandemic, increased staff mobility, flexibility of operation, the priority became the protection of labour and health staff. There are new models of behavior, which are characterized by great attention to health, willingness to sacrifice personal freedom for the benefit of themselves and society. Experts believe that this trend will continue.

in this production occurred localization of supply chains, increased resilience to crises, developed methods of remote control. However, at the same time there are some new international barriers, for example, monitoring supply chains for critical goods and movement of people, significant slowdown of globalization and temporary decline in world trade.

Earlier, experts described the changes that await metropolis in the era of postpandemic. Experts believe that because of the coronavirus will be a significant change in trade, urban planning and transport. In addition, more citizens can move beyond the big cities.