According to the expert, clean and the air conditioning in the car.

While the air conditioner is off in the cold season, it filters and gratings accumulate plenty of microorganisms. When you turn on the air conditioner there may be a risk of occurrence in people of allergic reactions and exacerbation of chronic lung diseases.

“in the Spring a huge number of microorganisms are ejected when you turn on the air conditioner. Person inhales it, causing various adverse reactions, including allergies, exacerbation of chronic diseases”, — quotes radio Sputnik the words of the ecologist, the Director of the laboratory of “Ecology of life space” Anton Yastrebtseva.

According to him, the first time you run the air conditioner after a cold season, it should be thoroughly cleaned, for which there are special firms. This can be done by yourself using disinfectants that are sold in hardware stores. According to Yastrebtseva, clean and the air conditioning in the car. In addition, it would be better to change their filters.

Earlier it became known about the dangers of smartphones during the spread of the coronavirus. According to the head of the laboratory for artificial intelligence, Neurotechnology and business intelligence REU them. G. V. Plekhanov Timur Sadykov, gadgets due to constant use can become a breeding ground for infection.