The large rocky exoplanet that is superior to the mass of the Earth almost 40 times, discovered by astronomers in the constellation of the Furnace. As specified scientists found the planet is an open core of a gas giant, with which her star removed the outer shell.

planet TOI 849b is the heaviest earth-like world, the density of which is equivalent to the density of our planet. We assume that it was originally similar to Jupiter, her covering a large number of helium and hydrogen. Their absence suggests that we are dealing with a bare core of the planet — presented in an article published in the journal Nature, the words of planetary scientist from Warwick University, UK David Armstrong.

It is known that the radius of the planet TOI 849b approximately 3.5 times the radius of the Earth. It is 39 times heavier than Earth, its density is at least 5.2 g/cm3 — this indicator fully corresponds to the density of our planet. TOI 849b located not far from its star and revolves around it in just 18 hours. Scientists believe that the temperature on its surface should exceed 1800 degrees Kelvin (1526 °C).

According to preliminary estimates, the planet was found is an open core of a gas giant the size of Jupiter. The opening TOI 849b suggests that such worlds can exist. In the future astronomers will be able to explore the depths of the giant planet and to understand some exotic form of matter are present in its Central regions.

Earlier wrote that astrophysicists have determined the center of gravity of the Solar system. It is balanced by the mass of the Sun, all the planets, moons and asteroids. This place is tied, all measurements of gravitational waves. This is important for many aspects of deep space exploration, including the search for black holes.