Sergey Garmash well earned, and without the theater “Contemporary”, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

For earnings outside the theatre, people’s artist of Russia SP designed. Part of the contracts with the PI Garmash executed through public Procurement – income over the five years amounted to almost 100 million rubles.

No strength to fight: the representative of Garmash him

Just the history of PI 10 public procurement. Contracts with the actor concluded the Voronezh concert hall, Mariinsky theatre, St Petersburg Philharmonic hall, Krasnoyarsk Opera and ballet theatre, as well as Sverdlovsk and the Karelian Philharmonic. For each appearance on the stage with a concert or performance Sergey Garmash received from 160 to 299 thousand rubles. There is a contract with the Krasnoyarsk theatre in the amount of 535 thousand rubles – for the money Sergei Garmash performed twice as a reader in the events memory of writer Victor Astafiev.

The most profit the artist brings advertising. From 2016 to 2018 Garmash received more than 96 million rubles for participation in three ad orders. Each campaign consisted of several photo shoots and videos: for the photo shoot, the actor received 1.2 million rubles, for video – 6 million rubles.

“KP” notes that most contracts with the UI not get in the open access, therefore, income of an artist can be much more. It is also known that in addition to the creative activities of Sergey Garmash engaged in construction and real estate business.

As he wrote the Rambler, July 31, Sergei Garmash, who has worked in the “contemporary” for 36 years, said about leaving the theater because of the “terrible situation” that emerged after the death of the artistic Director Galina Volchek. “Is violence over people, excellent professionals, who gave the theatre decade of life,” – said Garmash.