the President trump has a talent – he can come up with offensive nicknames to his opponents. These nicknames sometimes stick to the man and then they “wash” is already very hard. “Sleepy Joe Biden” without much success tries to prove to voters that he is cheerful and active. “Corrupt Hillary Clinton” has lost her battle. “Crazy Communist Bernie Sanders” also flew out of the fight. Shared its fate and “Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren”. However, the President of the United States catches by nicknames not only in the domestic arena – it is sometimes allows himself to speak harshly about the leaders of other States. And this has caused a new scandal.

Phone calls trump can be considered a regular subject of discussion in America. The conversation of the White house with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and all led to a massive investigation ended in an unsuccessful attempt to remove trump from the government.

the problem with the analysis of the calls of the President of the United States is only one it has access to a very narrow circle of people, most of which are not subject to the content of conversations.

However, sometimes there are people who are ready to share the “horrible details” of behavior eccentric leader.

Now in the role of chief whistleblower advocates John Bolton, former national security adviser, whom trump fired in the fall of 2019. In June, Bolton published a book which describes the work of the administration of the tramp inside. However, former adviser – not the only person who is willing to talk about what allows a President trump in communication with other leaders.

the Revelations about the calls trump shared the legendary American journalist Carl Bernstein. And “legendary” is not an exaggeration, it is the investigation of Bernstein and his colleague Bob Woodward has become a major major scandal in American history – the Watergate case.

it is Now very elderly journalist released an investigation where he analyzed numerous calls of the President of trump, which came into his hands from anonymous informants.

According to the information, which came to Bernstein, trump allowed himself to harsh statements against other leaders, and contemptuous of his predecessors.

According to Bernstein, trump called Obama and George W. Bush’s “weak”, their actions, speaking of censorship, he was considered “nonsense”, and not once was arrogant and said that negotiations with him, trompowsky, administration is much easier than with its predecessors.

this is unlikely the leaders of those countries with which the United States traditionally maintains allied relations. According to Bernstein, Donald trump is very tough, “almost sadistic” talking with the Chancellor G��romanii Angela Merkel and former Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

trump said Mei straight in the face that she is “weak and cowardly”, he accused her that she won’t be able to solve the issue Brekzita and stop illegal migration. In response, Mei was nervous and almost hysterical.

in a Similar way trump behaved and Angela Merkel. The US President said, in the face of the German Chancellor that it was “stupid” and unable to perform its obligations in relation to the financing of NATO. However, the state Chancellor behaved with dignity and did not react to the insults trump – said Bernstein.

Also got from the American leader, another traditional U.S. ally – France. The President of the Fifth Republic Emmanuel macron has repeatedly called for the Trump, trying to find with the American leader a common language. Macron tried to change trump’s opinion on Iran and climate change, but instead he ran into “a lecture on NATO funding and illegal migration” in the performance of trump. After that, the President of the United States ordered not to answer calls French leader without prior approval.

But the Turkish leader Erdogan was more fortunate. According to Bernstein, it is several times a week called the White house to discuss the situation in the middle East. Trump with him willing to talk, while boast of their success. At the same time Erdogan as the man who perfectly understands the intricacies of politics in the middle East managed to outsmart trump and convince him to act in the interests of Turkey. In this way also acted Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. They used “pitiful knowledge of the trump in matters of foreign policy” – said the journalist.

But there was one leader, to whom trump has fawned. Is Vladimir Putin. If you believe the information Bernstein, head of the Russia and the United States have repeatedly said over the phone “as best friends in a steamy bath”. The US President also boasted to the Russian leader about their successes, while Putin “cleverly manipulated” by trump.

“Their conversation is like a game of grandmaster chess and like to play checkers,” said Mr. Bernstein. The role of the GM is given not explicitly Trump.

In General this information would be a real shock if she was something unique. Donald trump constantly criticize major media outlets regularly emerge anonymous exposing the “crimes” of trump.

In this regard, the investigation of Bernstein’s is a little different from anonymous slander (in the end, it also relies entirely on sealed sources).

So it is unlikely something would change – the opponents trump and so would not support him, the supporters will treat this as one more lie “deep ��States”, and undecided are unlikely to make their choice, based on how trump has called Angela Merkel and that he was scolded by Makron.