Became known, the plan of the Belarusian opposition, which its representatives will use in case of a victory of President Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election. Instructions for the “Maidan” published Telegram-channel NEXTA Live, which belongs to the journalist Stepan Putilo.

Thus, the plan provides for the organization of a nationwide strike in all public enterprises of Belarus. The authors of the plan suggest that the citizens of the Republic to arrange it on August 10. The organizers of the strike asking them to require “new and fair” elections. They believe that the leadership of the Belarusian enterprises “will not be able to dismiss all”, and the police will not take a chance and “enter into a confrontation with these factory guys.”

In addition, the organizers of the “Maidan” advised the citizens to hold rallies at district administrations. While they were encouraged to capture them, but only a limited blocking. Detention by law enforcement is a “point of no return” then you need to make a road blockade, according to a plan.

Also, the authors are calling on their supporters in the regions to demand from heads of local Executive Committee to publicly join the protesters.

Another channel has published a leaflet for the protester. It shows what to do in case of clashes with police. In the memo there are the instructions to build the combat formations, as well as prescribed methods of “counter-violence”.

August 9, Belarus held presidential elections.