Denomination could undermine Russian citizens ‘ trust in the ruble and held, as a rule, in those States where poverty is rampant and recession. This view was expressed by the journalist semen Novoprudsky, reports

Previously head of information-analytical center “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev has declared that since the last denomination in 1998, the Russian ruble has depreciated enough to be able to hold a new procedure for the reduction of the nominal value of the denomination of the national currency by 100 times. The reason for this step a well-known Russian analyst has called the rapid increase nationwide in the number of cash, as well as an active reorientation of organizations for survival on the gray schemes of calculations. The Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina ruled out the holding of the denomination.

According to Novoprudsky, the currency reform — the last thing I would like to the Russians, pointing out that citizens are “exhausted” by falling revenues and the regime of self-isolation.

the Expert noted that the trust of the people of the country to the ruble and the relative predictability of the exchange rate fluctuations is one of the main and rare achievements of the monetary authorities. “So there must act the classical principle “works — do not touch.” There are no objective economic grounds for the denomination of the ruble no,” — shared his opinion journalist.

Novoprudsky said that any monetary reform not only undermines people’s confidence in the national currency, but also always indicative of a deep malaise in the economy.

“denomination Usually goes hand in hand with poverty and recession. Want in Zimbabwe?” — he concluded.

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