In Russia the unified state exam will be scheduled on a single schedule for all regions, said Deputy Minister of education Dmitry Glushko.

“the exam will be uniform for the whole country to schedule”, assured Glushko in the air “Russia 24”, reports TASS.

The Agency will soon announce the timing of the exam in the coming days, the official said.

“We are working with heads of subjects of the country are monitoring the status, situation and development of coronavirus infection to determine the timing of the exam. Today definitely we can say a few things. First, 8 Jun exam we can do, we have to spend it later. To name this date as in the next few days, we’re just gathering information, monitoring in the regions. In the next few days will announce the exact time,” he said.

Graduates intending to enter the University, you will need to pass within the exam two exams at the choice, said Glushko.

“Those graduates of 11 classes who plan to continue their education in universities of the Russian Federation – they, of course, will be required to select the examinations for admission to the University and pass the appropriate exam. This will be two exams that you need graduate school to choose based on which faculty in which University he received,” – said the Deputy Minister.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of education announced the postponement of the exam on June 8 at a later period. It was reported that the exam in 2020 will be scheduled only for those who are going to go to College.

Later, the rector of Moscow state University has proposed new dates for the exam.