Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe on Friday, 3 July, resigned from his post as head of the government a few days after his election as mayor severoatlanticheskogo Le Havre with a population of 170 thousand inhabitants. A big surprise this “downshifting” is not. Two weeks already have rumors that the President macron is preparing to shuffle the Cabinet and changing its leader.

In a statement, the office of the President of the Republic upon the resignation of édouard Philippe stated that unless you create a new team for the government business will meet the current Cabinet of Ministers.

In France, the President chooses the Prime Minister who then forms the government. Accordingly, the care of Philip paves the way for Cabinet reshuffle. Nothing extraordinary is happening there: occasionally the French President has sacked his Prime Ministers to designate a new direction. And just recently, macron spoke of the “new road”, which enters the country in the fight against the economic consequences of the pandemic. According to the President, the French were disappointed in some aspects of domestic and foreign policy, and, therefore, it’s time to repay the authorities the trust of citizens.

the last Few weeks the media have speculated that Emmanuel macron is preparing a reshuffle in the government to focus on economic recovery after a coronavirus.

against this background, it is interesting that, according to sociologists, the Prime Minister was more popular than the President himself. A survey conducted in June by the company Ifop showed the Edouard Philippe’s approval rating at 50%, and the Macron is only 38%.

Emmanuel macron, who now estimates his chances for re-election in the presidential election in 2022, can not help but worry, seeing these figures. To be in the shadow of the more popular head of government to the current owner of the Elysee Palace risky – even before the election is still quite a lot of time.

But there is another side of the coin: the care of the Duo premiered may mean in the future the appearance of the Makron serious competitor in the struggle for presidency – popular and having a good background being in power.

As expected by observers, the remaining time the Makron will have to focus on overcoming the continuing and aggravated because of the pandemic, the crises in health care and the economy. As voiced last month, figures from the Central Bank, it is expected that the economy will decrease by 10.3% this year, although there are hopes for growth in 2021 and 2022.

the problem of the relationship between Him and Philip is in their individual political differences. Head of government in 2017, when Emmanuel macron became President, Prime is not in the presidential centrist party “”Go Republic!” (La République en Marche!) and has a reputation as a center-right politician, though she once was a member of the Socialist party until he swung.

it is not clear who will replace Philip (in the Elysee Palace, has promised to inform in the near future). In the end, he prior to his appointment three years ago, in a sense, was a “dark horse”, known in the political world, but not for the General public.

“the President will have to work this weekend to form a new team, writes Le Figaro. – Ideally, it can see the light of day on Wednesday, July 8, the day of the next meeting of the Council of Ministers”.

What will happen now with Edouard Philippe? The first bearded man for a hundred years at the head of the French government, apparently, is now back in the mayor’s seat of the Normandy port of Le Havre, which he held for seven years until, until he was assigned to the newly-elected President of Makron on a post of the head of the Cabinet of the Fifth Republic.

Actually, that 49-year-old Philip announced his candidacy for mayor in Le Havre, contributed to the rampant rumors of his impending – voluntary or forced – resignation from the post of Prime Minister.

After the politician became leader after the first round of local elections, he promised in case of victory to win the post of mayor as soon as will cease to be Prime Minister (and before that as the head of Le Havre would have to be performed by the Deputy). And Yes – Sunday, June 28, Edward Philip won a victory on elections of the mayor of Le Havre.

In an interview with the newspaper Paris Normandie édouard Philippe stated: if the Makron will decide “that someone else will be more useful as a Prime Minister, I with full loyalty would react to his choice. If the voters choose me, I’ll be back in Le Havre no later than may 2022, but possibly much sooner.”

it Seems that this is the “much earlier” for Edouard Philippe arrived. Just on Sunday, July 5, the municipal Council of Le Havre scheduled the meeting to vote for approval of the new mayor.