The main reason that the smartphone, especially the older ones, starts to “hang” — out of memory because of the large number of files and installed applications, explained the Director of Department of development of business of market of JSC “Kcell” Peter Dzyuba.

The specialist advised to periodically clean your phone. In particular, remove unwanted applications and unnecessary duplicate photos, and videos. Also, on smartphones older models in the settings you can find the item “animations” and disable it. Another way to speed up your device — download third-party visual shell menu of your smartphone, simple and does not take up much space, reports “Prime”.

Wrote earlier, the mobile market there are many smartphones from unknown brands at attractive in the conditions of crisis the prices, but when buying them you need to pay attention to the characteristics of the device, said researcher of the laboratory of artificial intelligence, Neurotechnology and business intelligence REU them. G. V. Plehanova Vitaly Krasikov.