In the network appeared the fragments of correspondence between the historian Oleg Sokolov and graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, in the murder of which he is accused. The fragments have retained the spelling and punctuation was published in his Telegram-channel publishing chain.

As you can see from the published fragments, correspondence Sokolov and Eschenko full of insults from the girl. In particular, she called historian “creature”, “monster” and “scum” repeatedly wrote about hatred of him and wished him “die”. Here are a few quotes Yeshchenko of her correspondence with Sokolov:

“I Hate you and your ugly and stupid family, I hate you” / “I’m going a different train to you” / “I Hate you fucking bastard and your geeks, you’re scum, a liar and a traitor. I hate you and your critters, I hate you, hate you” / “Your wife you are always immediately answered, and with her not talking to me, creature.”

thus, as follows from the correspondence, all e-mails Yeshchenko Sokolov meets with restraint and does not use in relation to it branney vocabulary.

July 4, lawyer Alexander Baksheev, representing the interests of relatives of Anastasia Yeshchenko, said historian Sokolov could beat her lover to murder.

Oleg Sokolov was detained November 9, 2019 in Saint-Petersburg while trying to drown in the river Sink backpack with a severed female hands. He later admitted that he killed his student and mistress Anastasia Yeshchenko, then dismembered her body to dispose of evidence. After that, he allegedly planned to take their own life in the fortress in the suit of Napoleon.