Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Andrey Reznikov revealed the contents of the meeting in Berlin of representatives of the political advisers of the leaders of “Norman Quartet” on the status of Donbass, saying that Moscow did not put forward ultimatums to Kiev. He told about it on air of ICTV TV channel.

All a statement about the ultimatums he called “fake”. He also said that during the meeting in Berlin discussed the implementation of paragraph Minsk agreements, where we are talking about the legal aspects of the settlement of the conflict, the number of legislative acts, which Ukraine has committed itself in 2014 to take. However, according to Reznikov, “no special status” of Donbass in the Ukrainian Constitution can not be.

In addition, he said that the parties have not reached an agreement, but there was a convergence. The details he did not disclose.

Reznikov expressed confidence that the next meeting could be held in August.

“This is possible, provided that we are really moving forward,” he said.

July 3 in Berlin took place negotiations negotiations political advisers of the leaders of “Norman Quartet”, which lasted ten hours. They involved the councillors in four countries: Russia (Dmitry Kozak), Germany (Iain Hecker), France (Emmanuelle Bon) and Ukraine (Andrey Ermak). As Kozak said, as a result of the talks, was developed a specific mechanism to implement a stable ceasefire in Donbass, which will later be refined.