a Student of Lev Dodin and the nominee of “Golden mask”, a young St. Petersburg Director Simeon Aleksandrovsky, as no one knows the principles of non-traditional and unconventional theatre. 4 years ago he created a Pop-up project and moved performances to the streets, in bars, in the library and in the Internet. In June the audience will see his new production of “Marriage” for the Zoom space, designed long before mass digitization of theatres. We talked with a progressive Director and got his forecast for the near future.

– Now many argue about what we get out of quarantine and what will happen to the theater. Any opinions on this stick to you?

– that terrible day of September 11, 2001, I was sitting in a Paris barbershop. While I was cutting an elderly Frenchman, I heard on the radio something was growling in a language which is almost not possess. Suddenly I felt how different the breath of the speakers, like slowed down the scissors of the hairdresser, and realized something terrible… the World will never be the same. I walked out of the barbershop, and people in the streets were quiet and slow. But until I reached the Opera Bastille, the city managed to shake off. Gradually he speeded up to its usual speed and noise level. Inertia is a great force. Certainly, our trajectory will change slightly, but we note that quite soon.

In an interview in 2015, you said, “We live in very interesting time when we won the space.” Now, perhaps, time has become even more interesting. But it seems that victory for the space. As the quarantine has affected your life?

Space is not just won, it kicked us out of the game. The me races now not a convertible along the ocean in California, just missed me with a real. Pop-up theatre has not gone on tour to America, but I all the details considered, blooming buds in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. It hurts looking at the empty shelves of bars, from which the cleaned bottles with excellent drinks from around the world and hid in the back room. Apparently, in the case of extreme brutalization of citizens. Don’t know how events will unfold and will reach there before us a new batch of excellent whiskey. We may have to enjoy the hrenovuha.

There is an assumption that after the removal of all restrictive measures, people will be afraid of places of a mass congestion of people. What, in your opinion, will the viewers of insulation?

– I’m not a fan of mass events and hard to make theatre for introverts, and sometimes for misanthropes. Perfect performance is a performance for one person, but really, in the scenery of the cities. We hope the city will remain and it will continue goes to the people, go to bars, and with a wary look at each other. Though lasted bars. Otherwise will not take place the premiere of performance “the trade Union of workers of hell.” And this is me Budem it’s a shame – I’ve done it for almost two years. However, there is a suspicion that we will come out of quarantine is pretty impoverished. And whether we care about the theatre?

– One of the most acute topics of the last two months was forced to move culture in online. As you digital future for theater?

– Good performances not zapadlo to look at the video. And what cause a burning feeling of shame or bewilderment the walls of the theatre from going to the network did not become more beautiful. The artist is an animal, which you can select all, and he will continue to do something with your body. Would have been painter and the environment in which it works is not important.

as far as I know, in June you are going to release cyberspacial “Marriage” which will be held at Zoom conference. What is it about?

– the main bug is the best of all worlds – about a man. And his just desire to improve the world and yourself in it. I’m interested in quite formal things – the language of communication and the changes that happen to him, the audience’s perception and how the brain works when meeting with incomplete structures.

During the quarantine Zoom became the main platform of communication. But the idea for the project you told ACE Voloshin in December. That is literally foretold the coming of reality. Why exactly this form?

– And came up with it back in August. I was thinking that the very fact of going to the theater is a quite expensive action. And it is strange that the theatre does not come to our home. This had many prerequisites. But if you do theatre in the cyber environment, it is necessary to understand how primary for staging the play, and not to move that, and so there is. That is to do it not only as a means of “delivery” of the play the spectator but also an active space. As live street performances in the area that take it into account, not ignored. In addition to the theme, which then was different, it seemed to me that the simple interactivity, such as the ability to vote, may be relevant. Now it seems a closed Chapter. But there’s something I’m still worried, but the quality of the story, of course. This was even somehow uncomfortable to apply.. I think a lot about the possibilities of overcoming space and the fact that the events of the play outside or on geography.