Begijnendijk –

The 43-year-old man on Sunday in a fietsster doodreed on a bike path in Begijnendijk imposed for a positive drug test off. His driver’s license was revoked. It is said by the public prosecutor’s office in Leuven on Monday.

The deadly accident was on Sunday, at 13 pm in the Pastor Pitetlaan in Betekom, district of Vlaams-Brabant, Begijnendijk. A 67-year-old fietsster from Begijnendijk, it was on the road hit by a car and died at the scene.

The 43-year-old driver, from Begijnendijk put a negative alcohol test off. A speekseltest could not initially be removed. In a new attempt, it turned out that the man is under the influence of drugs was made. A blood test in the lab, you must determine which type of drug it was.

The driver’s license of the driver, for fifteen days, and withdrawn. The man was not arrested.