Normally, he turns action movies, on Digitaltag in Los Angeles (USA) – based Swiss Director Claudio Fäh (44) shows a different side of Virtual Reality. The twelve-minute Doc-Film “Child of the Earth”, he produced together with the Zurich-based company C-Films, is a touching work about a terminally ill Teenager can make, thanks to modern technology a virtual trip into space.

the idea Fäh has come thanks to his wife Martina Meier (45). The palliative doctor supervised with a Team of terminally ill people in their last phase of life. As the organization, for the Fähs wife works, VR-gets-glasses given as a gift to the Director on the search for the matching content. “Virtual Reality comes from the Game – and action-scene, you can immerse yourself but in every possible world.”

Nasa is making it possible for

Fäh wanted to allow the Dying a special trip, a to All. So he contacted his colleague, Ben Grossmann (42), the Oscar winner had created for the 3-D Film “Hugo” in cooperation with Nasa, a Virtual Reality Experience that simulates a journey to the international space station ISS. Grossmann was not immediately thrilled with the quality of the donated VR-Google Cardboards (carton) was enough for him. “He immediately said, to build a proper console of the highest quality, at their own expense,” says Fäh.

The First to try out the console, was the 17-year-old Kevin, who suffers from the genetic disease cystic fibrosis. “That is incurable. My wife and her Team are not Concerned only medically to the side. Where you can no longer heal, the emotional and spiritual support is important.” For the 17-Year-old, who can leave because of his illness, his room never and hard air gets in, the experience is incredibly touching.

it is not a Cure, but will help

“not a Cure for Virtual Reality, but there are patients such as Kevin, something you can look forward to, a reason in the Morning to get up.” To convey what the terminally ill Teenager is experiencing, has Fäh filmed the documentary. “A Film conveys much more than anything I can tell about it.” Kevin was able to forget on his journey, at least for a while: “When I’m up there, I forget all my Worries, that I’m sick. I’m floating.”

Meanwhile, Kevin passed away, the project lives on. On the Podium in the main train station Fäh, together with his wife, and the chief physician of the children’s rehabilitation centre Affoltern am Albis, ZH, Andreas Meyer-Heim, on the stage. Also for the little patients in the rehab Virtual Reality is used. The virtual journey into space, but it is not only for seriously ill patients is a gift: “This view from space to earth, shows how small and fragile we are. For us humans there is nothing more important than to be there for each other and help each other.”

The Podium with Claudio Fäh will be held on Tuesday, 3. September, at the Digitaltag in the Zurich main railway station, from 16.13 to 16.39 PM.

On Tuesday, held for the third Time, the Digitaltag – with 300 free activities. The focus of the Talks, stage shows and exhibitions is Lifelong Learning, i.e. lifelong Learning. The official starting shot for the day of action comes at 12.30 p.m., by Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) on the station square in Berne. For more events at twelve locations including Zurich, St. Gallen, Geneva, Lugano, TI, Biel BE. Exact times of all events can be found on the website of the digital tags: