a blow-up doll and the head of a warthog: what divides the guests in the restaurants of the world.

the Restaurants closed around the world. due distribution coronavirus infection, gradually begin to open — but their life is still not back. The new rules, which now work institutions, suggesting in particular that their visitors must comply with social distance.

And trying to find unusual decision not to put up fences, to pull extra tables ribbon, or simply pull up the visitors.

One of the most elegant ways to seat the visitors have praised the restaurant Mediamatic in Amsterdam. By 1 June, when the city needs to open public catering establishments, is built in small, separate “greenhouses” for two, set right on the promenade near the water.

“In restaurants and bars private room traditionally called French — chambre séparée, — it is told on the restaurant’s website. They assume intimacy and sexuality: there can happen something that should be hidden from prying eyes and ears. We decided to call our greenhouses are also French although that occurs within them, will be seen much better.”

cafe Rothe Schwerin city in Germany resorted to a more budget way to separate guests from each other: the school opened on 9 may, people are asked to wear hats, to which is sewn a tube of polyethylene foam, used for swimming in the pool. As assured the owner of cafe Jacqueline Roth edition of CNN, visitors stupid hat with a two-meter tubes liked, but the experiment showed how difficult it is in everyday life to keep a distance from each other.

“It was the perfect way to keep visitors at a distance from each other — and it was fun,” said Jacqueline Roth. She added that the idea thus to ensure social distancing filed in local television. At the same time due necessary to keep distance to the shops can be busy only 20 tables 56.

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One of the strangest methods to divide the guests was the one that chose Crossfields Australian pub in the Austrian capital Vienna, which opened on may 15.

There at the tables after one placed the giant head of warthogs.

“every booth is sitting warthog, our Australian version of a baby elephant to keep the minimum distance between the tables”, — stated in the message of the pub Instagram.

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In the US, meanwhile, are worried that the restaurants will start to operate under the new rules, will look frighteningly empty. In some institutions decided to fill the space creating the feeling in the hall a lot of people, artificially.

the restaurant, Open Hearth in South Carolina as guests place at the table took the inflatable doll — dressed, with makeup and styling.

the restaurant’s Owner Paul Starr explained Melehes channel Fox19, bought dolls for $140 on Amazon.

“Instead of using the scary yellow tape or tie the tables with ropes, we decided to make the restaurant look full, she said. — They are very funny, they have lovely faces. Girl with a bright makeup and wigs for them gave us different people.”

a restaurant in Virginia the Inn at Little Washington, which has three Michelin stars, resorted to a similar way of creating the illusion of a full boarding school — here as guests made mannequins. They also beautifully dressed and filled the space that now can be occupied by real human guests only 50%. “I’ve always liked mannequins, explained to Fox 5 DC chef restaurant Patrick O’connell. They never complain, and they are very fun to wear.”