the staff of the ambulance station in Armavir recorded a video message in which he said that they were not paid promised bonuses for working with patients with coronavirus.

“We have not received the promised payments. No doctors, no paramedic, no nurse, no drivers. No! A penny! A dime!” in chorus, say doctors.

In a press-service of administration of Krasnodar region stated that all required payments to medical staff in the region made in full, and urged not to speculate on the subject.

“there should be no speculation,” – quoted by “Yugopolis” response officials. The administration explained that doplaty are only awarded to those professionals who work directly with patients with COVID-19.

“They (the payments) may accrue to all staff of the institutions,” according to the statement.

the Prosecutor General’s office reported that the regional office checks the information on possible violations in respect of the employees of Armavir ambulance. As reported by “MK Krasnodar”, on behalf of the Governor in Armavir aimed experts of the regional Ministry of health of the region who must verify the calculation and timing of payment of wages.

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