“Many of the processes that will be in the future, fully automated,” says Alain Dehaze, head of the recruitment Agency Adecco. Already now significantly less classical office used lists. The “NZZ am Sonntag”.

Therefore, the number of office workers within 20 years, has dropped to 150’000 to now 370’000. But also the one of the craftsmen went back to 90’000. Vice-versa, but the academic Posts have increased in the same period, to 470’000.

This polarisation on the labour market will intensify in the next few years, says a new study by the ETH Zurich, which examines the effects of digitization. Because the new jobs would be created solely in the category of the well-trained.

digitalization kills, advance in technology creates Jobs

When removal of the Bodies, however, meet the skilled-with completed apprenticeship training is twice as strong as those with a low qualification. “Repetitive activities in the office or industrial manufacturing can be made easier by the Computer or robot replace”, – quotes the “NZZ on Sunday” ETH-Zurich Professor Martin’s words.

Less threatened by automation service occupations with customers contact, such as barbers, nurses or child carers. The consulting firm McKinsey expects that because of the digitization, by 2030, a Million Jobs in Switzerland are eliminated. At the same time to arise, thanks to the ‘technology push ‘800’000 new Jobs. (kes)