Don’t feel like taking your wallet with you everywhere? No problem. With a clever app you can save important documents on your cell phone – for example your driver’s license. The whole thing still has a small catch.

Verimi is an app for storing ID documents on the smartphone. It now allows you to store a digital image of your personal driving license in addition to your ID card and existing vaccination certificates.

Users can use it to log in to partners conveniently and securely at any time, identify themselves digitally, sign contracts digitally or pay digitally. According to the manufacturer, partner companies that already use Verimi include Deutsche Bank and Telekom. You can find an overview of all Verimi partners on the official website of the app.

According to its own statements, Verimi meets the highest standards of data security. Unauthorized access and misuse of personal data can be ruled out.

Unfortunately, showing the app at the next police checkpoint is not enough.

Last year, the then Transport Minister Scheuer failed with an official offer to digitally carry the driver’s license. The ID Wallet pilot project was immediately in high demand among users, but was technically unable to process the large number of requests and left the vast majority of users frustrated.

After further problems and criticism from security experts from the Chaos Computer Club environment, the App ID Wallet was finally completely discontinued in October 2021. Nothing has been heard of it since then.

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