scroll down Instead of Instagram, or to admire on Facebook for the latest pictures of our friends, we could use our cell phone in between make more sense. Because now there are a lot of good Apps, which will help to train our Knowledge. The following seven programs to complete your next free minutes during the day with training.

knowledge of training

you can Test your General knowledge With the App “knowledge training” around, toss you in different questions in different categories. Per round, you answer the ten questions. The difficulty level of the questions adapts to your performance.

The App is free for iOS and Android. Who wants the full version, pay a few francs.

Where is that?

they Were earlier in the school an ACE at geography? You Know in main cities you have to test with the App “Where is that?”. The program can also be used offline. Who wants it even more difficult: The Online game “GeoGuessr” puts you somewhere in the world, and you have to guess where you are. As an App, this program is unfortunately not available.

The App is free for iOS and Android.


Who is interested in our solar system, the official NASA App on his phone. There Enthusiastic, interactive maps, with the help of which you can learn more about the All. Also, users have ISS access to thousands of NASA photos, and position data of the international space station.

The App is free for iOS and Android.


Unfortunately, only available on the iPhone, the “iDarwin”App, which brings users to the key concepts of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is closer. Using illustrations to make Learning easy. The App was developed by the University of Bielefeld. Actually, iDarwin is aimed at elementary school students, it is but the difficulty level is higher, can also learn to adults.

The App is free for iOS.


languages made learning easy! With “Duolingo” to learn in a playful vocabulary. Dusty books and long vocabulary lists are a thing of the past. With the digital course, which is constructed as a virtual game, the language you are learning quickly foreign languages. In German, you can Buffalo completely free of charge in English and French. If you already speak English, you also have the choice between Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Danish, and Turkish.

The App is free for iOS and Android.


Together with brain researchers and neuro nation works to effective Exercises, the play train with mind your head. Keep mentally fit and even a training plan mass are tailors.

The App is free for iOS and Android.


such As “neurotic nation,” was developed to “Memorado”, in cooperation with experts from the brain research. In a first step, you will select individual targets, after which the App is and you an individual training program together. So you can choose, for example, that they would be in stress situations, like resilient. Mini-games that slowly increase the level of difficulty that will help you to reach your goal.

The App is free for iOS and Android.