All the riders on the Astana team are being pulled in wages, while the stage is stationary.

Jakob Fuglsang and colleagues in the cycling team Astana has to manage with less pay in the coming time.

The Kazakh crew communicate according to the both the riders and the staff around the team will be cut 30 percent in the salary, until there is once again cycling on the program.

– It has been decided as a result of the economic crisis, the organization and its sponsors have come on because of the Covid-19-the virus, says the executive director Yana Seel in a message from the team.

Wages have on the whole been a recurring theme on the storholdet in this season.

In march, wrote the Spanish newspaper AS, that the Astana staff had not been paid in the first two months of the season.

the Director informs me that all outstanding amounts are paid, and that employees can see forward to getting the full pay again, when coronakrisen is over.

– All riders and staff to respect the decision and is aware that there is an exceptional resolution in an exceptional time, ” says Yana Seel.

in addition to Jakob Fuglsang has Astana yet another dane on the team in the person of Jonas Gregaard.

on Saturday announced a second World Tour team, Lotto Soudal, that all the team’s riders had accepted a collective pay cut, while the sport is relatively low.