A few days before its theatrical release, the Quebec film Bungalow, starring Sonia Cordeau and Guillaume Cyr, has just won the Grand Jury Prize at the Canadian Film Festival in Dieppe, France.

The feature film by Lawrence Côté-Collins, which will be released on April 7, tells the story of a couple who buys a bungalow to make it their dream home. The project, punctuated by bad decisions, will turn into a nightmare.

Bungalow is not the only Quebec work to have caught the attention of the jury during the festival, which was held from March 23 to 26. The 12 works by Imelda, by Martin Villeneuve, Noémie dit oui, by Geneviève Albert, and Farador, by Édouard A. Tremblay, were also among the winners.

Director Martin Villeneuve, who plays his paternal grandmother Imelda Turcotte Villeneuve in The 12 Works of Imelda, won the Best Actor award.

Michel Barrette, Robert Lepage, Anne-Marie Cadieux and Ginette Reno are part of the cast of this film which colleague Jean Siag described as “both funny and dramatic, and completely confusing”.

The prize for female interpretation was given to Kelly Depeault for her role in Noémie dit oui. Geneviève Albert’s feature film, which will be presented in some 300 cinemas in France from the end of April, also triumphed in the best film category.

Farador, by Édouard A. Tremblay, won the audience award.