Died the father of my children: Ekaterina Volkova told about the life of Limonov

the Ex-wife of Eduard Limonov actress Ekaterina Volkova commented on the death of the writer.

“After a long illness died the father of my children Eduard Limonov. Please do not call me. No comment” — she wrote on his page in Instagram.

Marriage with Ekaterina Volkova was the last for Limonov and the only one in which he had children: a son Bogdan and daughter Alexandra. The couple separated in 2008, when Catherine was pregnant with my daughter. However, they have kept good relations, and parenting writer took an active part.

About his relationship with Limonov, the actress previously said in the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” on TV channel “Russia 1”. They met by chance on the opening day, however, while Volkov has already been seriously fascinated by the works of the writer, so the novel broke very quickly. “He took me by the elbow, and we went to drink vodka,” recalls the actress.

To the astonished questions of friends, she honestly replied: “is This love”. According to Volkova, Limonov herself seemed to be the Nadezhda Krupskaya, the girlfriend of James bond, then Joan of Arc. It was very interesting, strong and intelligent man with an incredible sense of humor. However, family life was completely unsuitable, admitted Ekaterina Volkova.

Eduard Limonov died in Moscow on March 17 at age 77 from cancer. Farewell ceremony with him and the funeral will be closed to the public and the media, that was his last wish.

Eduard Limonov became famous as the author of the novels best-selling and also due to their political activities, which was led since returning to Russia from exile in 1991. Until the last day he continued to work. The last book of the writer will be released in April. He managed to complete work on a collection of essays called “traveling Man”, which contentit and memories Limonov about his youth.