Died the doctor Adilya Kotovskaya, who was preparing for the flight into space of Yuri Gagarin

Graduated from first Moscow Sechenov medical Institute, postgraduate studies at the Department of physiology. And then came in the research test Institute of aviation medicine of the air force. And tightly linked his life with Astronautics.

Started with training an animal to fly. But a huge layer of her work was associated with the selection and training of the first cosmonauts. First of all, Yuri Gagarin and German Titov, and the other members of the crews of spaceships “Vostok”, “Voskhod” and “Soyuz”. In 1960 he participated in the selection of the first 20 cosmonaut candidates in their resistance to the action of overloads.

Adil Rafatovna always very interesting to tell about the first biological research on rockets and artificial satellites of the Earth – launches the dogs on geophysical rockets. She personally trained the dogs to fly on five ships-satellites. Including the legendary Husky. Journalists repeatedly asked Kotovsky: is it hard scientists have experienced the death of dogs of test? The main thing was to provide everything for the future of human flight, said Adil Rafatovna. I had to train, to sacrifice something. But once confessed: before the flight, the Huskies could not stand, began to cry. She, like other professionals, understand that Laika will die.

But the famous Belka and Strelka, it turns out, had other nicknames: Vilna and Drop. They already renamed before launch. “New names, they at first did not react,” said Adil Rafatovna. By the way, in 1960, at the first press conference regarding the successful Belka and Strelka return from space sat and Yuri Gagarin. So the journalists who arranged the hype around dogs, not paying any attention to him!

among other Kotovsk scientists first developed the basic principles of selecting and training astronauts to action overload of space flight, determined the optimal human posture in the seat of the vehicle, which is used since the Voskhod spacecraft to the present time. Portability humanECOM loads applied to the practice of space flight was devoted to her doctoral thesis, which she defended in 1971.

Since 1973, he worked at the Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences. More than 60 years of his life Adilya Kotovskaya gave the scientific and practical work in the field of aviation and space medicine. And, despite its age, practically till last days remained in working order. Managed large research programs aimed at studying the influence on the human body weightlessness and overloads, increasing its reserve capacity.

the Author of over 280 publications and five inventions. Adil rafatovna the left on 93-m to year of life.