In Conakry died Guinean player on the bark and singer Mory Kante. On it informs “bi-Bi-si” on Friday, may 22.

It is specified that the 70-year-old actor died in hospital. The death of the author of the hit Yeke Yeke confirmed by his son Score.

“He suffered from chronic diseases and often went to France for treatment, but lately it was impossible to do due to the coronavirus. We saw that his condition was rapidly deteriorating, but I was still shocked by the incident because he had faced harder times,” said the son of Kant.

Guinea President alpha Conde said that the African culture is in mourning. He called the work of the singer is unique.

Kant was born on 29 March 1950. At the age of 27 he created his own band, Les Milieus Branches, and a few years later released the album Courougnegne that became popular not only in Africa but also in Europe. He later moved to Paris, where he recorded his biggest hit Yeke Yeke.

Died may 1 Creator afrobeat Tony Allen. Nigerian drummer was 79 years old.