Died in Moscow of 37 people with the coronavirus

This message was received from the operational headquarters to control and monitor the situation. This is the largest number of deaths per day in the capital since the beginning of the pandemic. All who died had pneumonia and a positive test result for coronavirus infection.

Dead – patients from 37 to 86 years. 37-year-old patient was diagnosed with “bilateral polysegmental pneumonia”. He suffered and hypertension. Other patients also had concomitant diseases: atherosclerosis, chronic bronchitis, diabetes. One of the patients had down syndrome.

Operational headquarters reminds that it is necessary to observe strictly the regime of self-isolation. First and foremost, this applies to the elderly and with chronic diseases.

During the regime of isolation, which now lives in Moscow, all residents, regardless of age, are obliged to leave the place of residence. The measures are introduced in order to reduce the number of movements of citizens in the city.