Died chief designer of the su-34 Rollan Martirosov

Martirosov Rolland G. was born 6 October 1935 in Moscow. After graduating in 1959 from the Moscow aviation Institute named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze came to work in the Sukhoi design Bureau.

was sent to the promising projects Department, where he worked until 1962 as an engineer and was directly involved in the development of the layout of the su-15 and su-7B.

In 1962-1963, headed the public design Bureau, which has proactively developed a draft project of the vertical take-off bomber. Unfortunately, the most interesting project was never implemented.

During the work at the enterprise Rollan Martirosov has held the positions of engineer, head of brigade and Deputy head of the design Department, chief of design Department, chief designer. He made a great personal contribution to the solution of complex technical issues in the process of developing, testing and serial development of such famous aircraft as the su-7БКЛ, su-15, T-4, su-24, su-24M and su-27. However, truly the pinnacle of his design work has been the work on the creation of Sukhoi su-34.

In 1991, he assumed the position of chief designer of this car. R. G. provided technical guidance development processes, build, testing, debugging of the aircraft and its introduction into mass production at the aircraft plant in Novosibirsk. Under his direct technical leadership, developed and implemented the main technical solutions of the su-34. They helped to create a complex that meets the requirements of technical specifications of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

the First two serial su-34 was delivered to the air forces of Russia in 2006. March 20, 2014 su-34 has been officially adopted. The aircraft is equipped with 7 world records, not beaten to date.

today, the su-34 is the best plane in its class. Moreover, he has no versatility and is not likely Budem equal. First of all, the bomber has excellent fighting qualities, which, incidentally, is confirmed by the work of su-34 in Syria. It can be used as a heavy fighter – maneuverability allows dogfighting. Su-34 is a real interceptor, able to carry an Arsenal of various missiles of class “air-air”. It is used as a reconnaissance plane, and as the bearer of a powerful electronic warfare systems. And he has an incredible for our military aviation feature – the cockpit can be installed dry toilets. Unfortunately, the quite satisfaction of natural needs of the human body our aircraft designers ever in attention are not accepted. Even on a strategic missile, in flight, sometimes eight to ten hours or more, toilets are not provided.

by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 2017 for special labor merits before the state and people Martirosova the G. Rolland awarded the title of Hero of labour of the Russian Federation with the award gold star of Hero of labour of the Russian Federation. He was awarded various Soviet and Russian orders and medals. Honorary aircraft Builder.

As I recall colleagues, Rollan Martirosov until the last days of his life, to keep a clear mind and enormous capacity for work, continued to work on improving his beloved brainchild – su-34.

“the Russian newspaper” expresses sincere condolences on the death of the prominent aircraft designer.