Lawyer Sidney Powell, who drew attention with a theory that rigged vote machines had been used to swing the US election in favor of Biden, has launched two related lawsuits, which, somehow, failed to correctly name the courts.

The two suits purport to explain how “massive election fraud” had taken place in Georgia and Michigan during the vote on November 3. One 104-page filing is addressed to the US “Districct court, Northern distrcoict of Georgia,” while the other, 75-page document is meant for a court in “Eastern distrct of Michigan.” The latter is also littered with pilcrows – the typographical characters used to mark the start of a paragraph.

Dear god, the Kraken ate the proofreaders

The attorney announced the filings in a now-hidden tweet, using the catchphrase “Release the Kraken,” which originates from a fantasy movie but was co-opted by some supporters of President Donald Trump to describe presenting proof that this year’s election was stolen from him. Both documents were published around Wednesday midnight on the website of Powell’s fund, called “Defending the Republic.”

Trump’s legal team notably distanced themselves from Powell last Sunday, stating that she was “practicing law on her own.” She didn’t appear dissuaded and said she would continue to represent the American people “who had their votes for Trump and other Republicans stolen.”

Earlier, Powell outlined her theory at a media conference, where she spoke alongside Trump’s personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani, as well as during numerous appearances on various conservative media. She claims voting machines and software produced by the companies Dominion and Smartmatic had been rigged to conduct digital stuffing of ballots. The late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was the person who originated this fraud for domestic purposes, but the Democratic Party has adopted it to ensure Joe Biden’s victory, she alleged.

The claims ignited a feud between Powell and Fox News star host Tucker Carlson, who said after the press conference that she had refused to come on his show and make her case before his five million-strong audience. Powell accused Carlson of being “insulting, demanding, and rude” and suggested that he not try to contact her again “in those terms.” She said journalists should read the affidavits she published ahead of filing the lawsuits. The falling-out with Trump’s legal team followed shortly afterwards.

Both manufacturers of tabulation solutions named by Powell denied that their products had been compromised. Georgia and Michigan have already certified election results, handing their respective electoral votes to the Democratic contender. Officials in both states denied the claims that vote fraud had somehow affected the outcome.

Before the Chavez-Biden theory came to light, Powell was best known for her representation of Michael Flynn, the former National Security Advisor for Trump. The case remains highly controversial, with many people saying Flynn fell victim to a politicized FBI probe and was coerced into pleading guilty to lying to federal agents, even though no underlying crime ever took place.

Trump pardoned Flynn on the same day that Powell released her ‘Kraken,’ though apparently both actions were simply timed to coincide with Thanksgiving.

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