He did not appear either with his mother or with his father: Who saw the 12-year-old Valentino M. from Bonn?

For two weeks there has been no trace of 12-year-old Valentino M. from Bonn. All police searches have so far failed to find the boy. Therefore, the investigators with a photo publicly ask for help.

As reported by the Bonn police, the boy was last seen by his mother in Bonn-Duisdorf. From there Valentino actually wanted to go to his father in Bonn-Plittersdorf. According to the current state of investigation, he probably never got there. What happened on the trip is completely unclear.

The missing person is afraid of coming to the youth center, the police report. Therefore, it was initially assumed that Valentino was hiding with family or friends. To date, however, he has not contacted his father or his mother.

According to police information, the child can be described as follows:

The Bonn police detective station takes tips on 0228/150 or the police emergency number 110!