In EAST FLANDERS There are these days a pack of heroes to get around. The people who have to make sure that we can be helped in an emergency, but also to the helping hands behind the scenes, deserve, in my opinion. A full winkelrek, a student who online help, you can ask for it to be a teacher, an older woman, who, thanks to Facebook however, you have to go shopping given that it is at the coronacrisis a small source of pride. The seven Eastern part of Flanders, the heroes and keep them a week in their diary. “We’ll pay a visit to a child 1 year of age, with extensive burns to the body, is burnt by the hot tea. We will continue to work, in order to avoid the contact. It’s all routine, it would be,” says thuisverpleegkundige Diego Backaert (53). Below you can read their side of the story on Wednesday. You can also read their journals vanmaandagendinsdag. 1. Veerle Nijs (42), coordinator of the online ‘Scenery helps