The European Commission held an online event a few days ago. Apparently, the plan was to use the interactive celebration to get young people between the ages of 18 and 35 excited about the EU. However, as Devex correspondent Vince Chadwick reported on Twitter, just six people turned up for the Metaverse celebration (via: Politico).

According to Chadwick, the official trailer for the event had 44 likes on Twitter just before the start. 38 of them decided that they had something better to do.

As Devex writes, the EU spent a total of 387,000 euros building the Metaverse platform. A spokesman told the platform that the event was intended to give younger people, who are mainly active on Twitter and Instagram, an understanding of what the EU is doing on the “international stage”.

Many questions arise with the planned inheritance tax reform, because even proven experts do not agree. FOCUS online clarifies the most important points with the tax expert Hans-Joachim Beck from the IVD.

The government introduces citizen income and thus abolishes the Hartz IV system. Civil servants benefit twice from the salary adjustment. They receive higher salaries and higher pensions. And other civil servants will also benefit from the salary increase.

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