At the geological faculty of the Perm state national research University (PSUNR) has developed a module that allows to extract gold from technogenic dumps in the field of mining.

– Module sinks to the level of the flow of water from dumps of mines and holds in itself microparticles of gold. Over time, the sorbent cartridge of the module is processed to extract the precious metal. Using one module for the operation it is possible to extract tens of grams of gold depending on the level of the content of this metal in the waters of the man-made object, – said the head of the laboratory of Geology of sedimentary and technogenic deposits YENI, Perm, Russia Vitaly bryukhov.

According to experts, over the past 250 years, Russia has accumulated a lot of man-made dumps with a variety of useful components suitable for the extraction. Now these landfills decompose on the surface and change the composition of the environment. The extraction of useful components will help in part to solve the environmental problems of the area.