This competition has braved the Cold war, natural disasters and terrorist attacks – but the new Virus changes everything: The Eurovision Song Contest is for the first time in its more than 60-year history. Reason, the Corona-crisis.

The organizer, the European broadcasting Union (EBU) in Geneva, announced this decision on Wednesday. The international music event, you would have to 12. to 16. May be held in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. “The health of the artists, stage workers, the Fans and visitors was also at the heart of this decision as the situation in the Netherlands and in Europe”, – stated in the Declaration.

cancellation due to Corona: organizers “on the ground

destroyed”, “2020 will be the first year since 1956, in which there is no Eurovision Song Contest in Europe”, said the German contribution competent ARD coordinator entertainment, Thomas Schreiber. The EBU expressed in the communication “devastated” to have to make that decision.

For Germany would have to take Ben Dolic with the song “The Violent Thing.” “The message about the cancellation (…) has affected me personally deeply and I am very sad,” said the singer. “In view of the situation around us, the cancellation is completely understandable and the Right thing to do. The health is easy. We now need to give all care of each other and stick together, so that we can overcome this crisis together.“

“unfortunately, It is the only right decision,”

Also, the ARD co-ordinator clerk said: “we have expected and feared – it is, unfortunately, the only right decision. So disappointing it is for all parties Involved, ( … ), so is true for the ESC: The health of all must be the ultimate goal.“ He had full confidence that all those responsible, worked with high pressure on the “best possible solution for the ESC 2021”.

The Dutch organisers showed well as understanding. “This decision by the EBU was inevitable, given the circumstances, of which the whole of Europe is currently being affected by the Coronavirus, and all the measures that the governments must now take,” said the Head of the Dutch broadcaster NPO, Shula Rijxman. The heads of the two participating institutions were similar.

ESC 2021 in Rotterdam?

He understood that many people were disappointed by the cancellation, said the Executive producer of the ESC Show, Sietse Bakker, the TV station NOS. Together with the EBU, the participating broadcasters and the city of Rotterdam wanted to do everything, so there the ESC 2021 can take place. He spoke at the same time, to ensure that the tickets for the ESC in 2020, which were sold out in the shortest possible time, to remain for 2021 valid.

Whether it would be financially feasible to have the ESC next year in Rotterdam take place, it is still unclear, reported the Dutch news Agency ANP. The government in The Hague had promised for the ESC, a grant in the amount of 12.4 million euros. Overall, the costs were estimated according to the ANP, to 26.5 million euros. 9.6 million euros should come from the EBU, and from ticket sales. The remaining 4.5 million wanted to contribute to Dutch broadcasters.

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