This is the company said on Thursday. The bottom line cost for the proposed billion-dollar Acquisition of the US weighed on already-mobile rival Sprint. The net profit declined 9 percent to 900 million euros.

revenue climbed nearly nine percent to 19.5 billion euros. Here, the weak Euro and the acquisitions in Austria and the Netherlands helped. Own revenue grew in the first three months to 3.5 percent.

the driving force was again expanded, the American mobile radio subsidiary T-Mobile US, the sales and profits significantly, and 1.7 million new customers won. T-Mobile US from chasing the top dogs AT&T and Verizon for many quarters, with an aggressive price policy and marketing actions to customer.

The Telekom wants to merge the subsidiary with rival Sprint, however, the approval of the regulatory authorities is still pending. While the companies provide cheaper rates, fear of consumer advocates higher prices after a merger.

In Germany, the revenue growth was plus 0.6 percent as strong as in the United States. The group won but in this country customer, and increased its adjusted operating result by 2.4 percent to 2.1 billion euros.

The Annual forecast confirmed the Management to Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges. Accordingly, the operating result is expected to be 23.9 billion Euro, turnover and investment should continue to rise. “That was a good Start to the year,” he said. “We see anywhere in the group’s positive developments.”