Beyoncé Knowles loves her Sessions with Cayenne-pepper-maple-syrup-Drinks and Kate Moss puts on Juicing days, which give your complexion a healthy glow.

Unfortunately, we can’t put mere mortals often on a rigid diet plan, as the Megastars do sometimes. That’s why we have skin a list with foods for radiant and a General detoxification put together, requires no juices!

step 1: Swipe chemicals

to abandon, Rather than for a certain amount of time to eat, it’s enough to put on healthy, organic food. From chemical additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and co. away, works wonders. If it is not possible on your Budget to feed 100 percent organic, try more often to put on homemade food: soups, casseroles, and the like are a good way to eat healthy and cheap.

step 2: Certain substances, omit

caffeine, sugar and Gluten can cause in your body is a mess. Also, if you suffer from any Hypersensitivity to these substances, it can do still be very good to abstain for a time completely on you. You will have more energy, your digestion will improve, and after a while you will have no more desire on it.

do you feel listless, tired and stressed? Your complexion is sallow, your hair is dull and you suffer from chronic digestive problems? Or do you want to do is simply your body after the festive gluttony something Good? Then Detoxing might be exactly the Right thing. We will tell you how a treatment goes.


step 3: digestion read more boost

For your body to get rid of it is essential that it is emptied regularly, the toxins. For a regulated digestion of fibre and help your bowels by drinking a lot of water. Also Sport helps to bring the digestive system into a good rhythm.

step 4: skin brushing

You can not detoxify from the inside, who wegbürstet dead skin cells, gets in the twinkling of an eye is also a radiant complexion. Because after a scrub, or even brushing the skin can breathe much better. She brushes at the best in front of the showers so you can wash away the old skin cells easily. Start at the feet and work in a circular manner in a clockwise direction to the top. (CM)

Always online, never really “there”? One may ask: How accessible you need to be really? Or: do you make yourself unnecessary pressure in terms of social self-representation? The “Digital Detox”Trend continues on the temporary phone-zero-diet – and this especially for the health!


you want to rid yourself with a Detox program old health Ballast? LOOK brings you delicious and tested 16 recipes for Detox tea, juices and Smoothies. With these healthy drinks, you achieve dream figure!