Detained a nurse who poisoned infants morphine

In Germany arrested a nurse suspected of the attempted murder of five infants. According to Associated Press, the nurse gave morphine to a newborn aged one day to one month.

the Incident occurred in the clinic of the city of ULMA. Worker companies suspected after in late December, several premature babies had serious problems with breathing, threatening their lives. Fortunately, the babies managed to save.

at First, doctors decided that the newborns had contracted an infectious disease. Then tests showed the presence of morphine in urine in children. About it the doctors informed the police.

the Investigation revealed that the nurse gave the babies a strong analgesic 20 December, during a night shift. During a search among the effects of the nurses was discovered with a syringe with breast milk that had been mixed with morphine. Itself the nurse denies any wrongdoing.

on January 30, law enforcement officers arrested a resident of Moscow who poisoned his infant son sleeping pills. The man slipped a potent drug in baby food, so that my son didn’t cry at night.