The sales counters and consultation desks established construction intended to protect the staff and the clientele before direct Transmission of the Coronavirus. But not only in the pharmacies of the infection protection from Dessau production has arrived.

Mobile infection protection from Dessau in various industries

asked “We have customers from various industries,” stated Hennig cousin, the Junior boss of the furniture manufacturer. In principle, everywhere where customer traffic to counters and reception desks is a demand for construction. Doctor’s offices and service consultations of the car dealers are also customers, such as banks. Deutsche Bank has been ordered, according to the information of Vetter, 20 droplets, and infection protections for the various branches in Eastern Germany. Within the past three weeks, the Dessau-based company has already received 140 orders from the Region and beyond.

The Dessau furniture maker has equipped in the past, numerous doctor’s offices as well as offices and headquarters of companies and institutions, especially in the new länder, with its furniture and interiors. A particular reference object in the training area of the football Bundesliga club RB Leipzig stands at the Cottaweg with a Cinema. On your regularly take the pros to analyze your coaching staff on a large screen the opposing teams.

199 euros have to fork out the customers for the infection of protection from the house of cousin. The current Bestseller, keeps the revenue of the furniture-maker is still reasonably stable. Some customers have asked for information from the Junior chefs, to permanent, fixed structures of the droplets and infection protection for the public. This is an additional, smaller financial bright spot for the company.

Also cousin are in the Corona-crisis orders, broken

“Otherwise, it is currently relatively difficult,” says the Junior Manager. Also in the case of Vetter, the orders are broken away. The exhibition area with furniture at the company’s headquarters in proximity to Dekra in Dessau-West is closed to the public. Distance in the workshops and the administration is also in the case of Vetter, the need of the hour.

“Depending on how long the crisis lasts, we need to 50 to 80 per cent of our employees in short-time work send. The First two weeks in short-time work,“ says Vetter. A total of 20 people work for the Dessau-based company that this year became 100 years old. (mz)

This article was written by Danny grid

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