The latest figures show that there are fewer inpatients with the coronavirus in the country’s hospitals than the day before.

The last few days, the number of infected and hospitalized with coronavirus evolved comforting.

Nevertheless stresses the Health director, Søren Brostøm, on Thursday’s myndighedspressemøde that the threat is still severe.

– It is comforting to see, but I would like to stress that it is still serious, and one should not underestimate the threat or pandemic.

the Assumption is that we can look into a controlled opening after easter is that we hold fixed. We must show respect and keep your distance, says Søren Brostrøm.

on Thursday morning showing the new figures, that there are fewer inpatients coronasmittede on the country’s hospitals. It is Thursday declined to 525 from 535 the day before, according to figures from Statens Serum Institut.

the Number of deaths is estimated to be 123. It is 19 more than at the latest statement on Wednesday. However, it is not necessarily coronavirusset, which is the reason for all the deaths. A part of the inpatients have had other serious illnesses.

Furthermore, the national board of Health on Wednesday started to determine how many people have been hospitalized with coronavirus, but which has come over the infection. It was on Wednesday 894. Thursday is the number 1089.

Mørketallet is large. More and more overstår the infection, and the expectation is that they are immune.

– It is the it, that also on the term epidemic to bend, says Søren Brostrøm.

It is the health authorities ‘ ambition to 15,000 people will be tested on the day.

Wednesday issued the national board of Health’s new guidelines, which means that more people with light symptoms should be tested.

Among other things, doctors now over the phone refer patients with mild symptoms directly to the test on the coronaklinikker.

Søren Brostrøm expect, therefore, that the next days can be busy with both the practitioners and the clinics at the nation’s hospitals, which will carry out the tests.

– I expect to get run on. Have patience if we experience challenges, says Brostrøm.