In Germany, the barbecue season has started again with the arrival of nice weather. At least for fans of steaks and Co. there is good news here. As discounter Aldi confirmed in an interview with “Bild”, prices for pork and beef will be reduced starting this week.

In some cases, customers should be able to save up to ten percent per meat product. “The recent drop in market prices means that Aldi can provide relief for customers,” said the discounter.

A possible reason for the step could be that the demand for meat products also fell in the wake of inflation and many customers were more likely to use the veggie area. The agricultural information service AMI told Bild that pork sales have not yet reached the expected level.

It should be a welcome step for farmers. Apparently, many people are currently stuck with their products and therefore want to get rid of them as quickly as possible, if necessary at lower prices.

For customers, Aldi’s plans are likely to mean that the competition from Lidl, Rewe and Co. will soon follow suit in order to be able to compete with Aldi prices.

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