Although Germany’s gas storage facilities are well filled, the scarce commodity could be distributed throughout Europe. The federal government cannot say how much stored gas is available in winter. Even the reserve bought with tax money could go abroad.

The Federal Government does not know how much of the stored gas will be available to German companies in winter. The “Bild am Sonntag” quotes from a letter from the Ministry of Economic Affairs to the deputy chairman of the Union parliamentary group, Jens Spahn (CDU). It says: “The Federal Government does not have any knowledge of where the individual stored gas flows to.” The Federal Network Agency emphasized to the newspaper: “The stored gas is largely owned by gas traders and suppliers, who often operate throughout Europe.”

Even the gas that Trading Hub Europe buys with state aid and stores under trusteeship of the Federal Network Agency in the former Gazprom storage facility in Rehden is not reserved for Germany. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Federal Network Agency, this gas can be purchased by all national and international companies registered in the German gas market. The decisive factor is who offers the highest price.

Spahn criticizes: “The very expensive gas bought in our storage facilities has to reach German consumers in winter. To do this, the traffic light must finally submit a withdrawal plan. Otherwise full memory gives a false sense of security.”