A healthy metabolism helps you lose weight and ensures that you have enough energy in everyday life. However, some routines can slow down your metabolism and therefore prevent you from losing weight.

Those who want to lose weight often stick to many rules – exercise regularly, eat healthier and stay away from alcohol. But no matter how much exercise you do or how healthy you live, sometimes losing weight doesn’t work. 

You were probably told that you should drink between two and three liters of water a day when you were a child.  

Too little water also slows down your metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight. So always drink a lot, because it sharpens your mind and promotes concentration.  

Too little and irregular sleep disrupts your metabolism. If you sleep less than four hours per night, your sugar metabolism is disrupted.  

People who don’t sleep enough also eat high-calorie foods more often. A regular sleep rhythm and sufficient sleep duration are the prerequisites for an ideally functioning metabolism.  

Protein-rich foods really boost your metabolism because the body has to use a lot of energy to break down the proteins.  

In addition, protein keeps you full for a long time and burns more calories during processing in the body than other nutrients. However, the diet should not consist exclusively of protein.  

It is of course clear that exercise stimulates the metabolism. However, if you only do endurance sports, then you are not making the most of your potential. For this reason, you should do strength training more often because it really boosts your metabolism.  

If you eat irregularly or even skip meals, this has a negative effect on your metabolism and slows it down.  

If you think that this will help you lose weight faster, you are wrong. The body depends on a regular supply of nutrients. If he doesn’t get enough of it, he switches to economy mode. You should definitely eat something after your workout as this is the only way to build muscle mass.  

Alcohol is a real figure killer and an absolute no-go when losing weight. The reason for this is that after consuming alcohol, the body’s primary task is to break down the alcohol.  

The carbohydrate and fat metabolism almost completely comes to a standstill. This radically slows down the metabolism and stops burning fat.  

It is well known that sugar is no help when it comes to losing weight. Sugary foods slow down your metabolism and blood sugar levels rise rapidly.  

The pancreas then releases insulin, which ensures that the sugar from the blood reaches the cells. However, if the pancreas is overloaded, there may end up being too little sugar in the blood and hypoglycemia follows.  

This is usually followed by cravings and, in the worst case, this can lead to diabetes.  

The original for this article “You’re not losing weight? Seven things inhibit your metabolism” comes from FitForFun.