Kylie Jenner

23-year-old Kylie Jenner has come under fire from people who dream to wear this shirt. Four days ago businesswoman celebrated her birthday by going for a holiday mini dress by Balmain created by creative Director Olivier Rustina. br>Thank you, love Olivier Rustan for the perfect dress for birthday— posted by Kylie sharing network page link the fashion house.

Kylie Jenner

Many followers of the younger sister of Kim Kardashian began to write compliments in her address, but at some point the debate suddenly changed in character and tone. Designer Michael Costello chided Kylie for what she said in the photo, only the big brands, paying attention and-coming designers and lesser known brands.

Thank you Olivier for the perfect dress for a birthday. And thank you nameless designers who are working around the clock on individual images, but it will not be mentioned and mention. If only for the mention isn’t paid for. And thanks to the glamorous team that always gets credit. This post has nothing to do with me, as Kylie wears something from my things only once a year, and I’m lucky if I get a decent photo to publish. I have nothing against the members of her team… But it is sad that designers are trying so hard to get the opportunity to wear one of these popular and gorgeous women, and those noted in the photo only the big brands and famous designers like Olivier, but they forget about others. These words have no relation to my brand, but they deal with many designers from Los Angeles. Why not mention in the photo at least one of them?! Not constantly, but at least sometimes so to do,— posted by Michael Costello.

Michael Costello

last month, Jenner pounced on the network due to the fact that it has not added to his photos of the dress link to the brand that created that outfit. In addition, the brand owned by blacks, which makes the situation even more contentious.

Why you decided, that I delete the comments and don’t note the brands in the photo?! This is a mistake. The brand is awesome and I will continue to support him,

— Kylie reacted to the accusations then.