Chief researcher of the world health organization (who) Sumia Swaminathan said that the only promising cure for coronavirus.

According to her, the results against COVID-19 for testing antiviral drugs showed that while only “Ramdevpir”. She noted that the drug reduced the number of hospitalizations, but not mortality.

Earlier, the European Commission authorized the sale on the territory of the European Union “of Ramdevpir”. The Commission has granted conditional permission to sell medicines in Europe “under certain conditions”, the content of which was not disclosed. It is noted that it is the first drug from the coronavirus permitted in the EU.

“Ramdevpir” was approved on may 1 in the U.S. for the treatment of coronavirus. He had previously been developed in the framework of the fight against Ebola, but not managed to prove its effectiveness. He later showed efficacy in the treatment of infections SARS and MERS. However studies of the effectiveness of ramdevpir in the treatment of pneumonia COVID-19 are still ongoing. It is noted that the drug may still be useful for combating the virus.