KHANTY-MANSIYSK, may 2 – RIA Novosti. Regional branch of “United Russia” in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district was expelled from the party the Deputy of the Duma of Tolyatti Vladimir Bendus for the attack on the public man, reported the press service of the regotdeleniya.

Earlier in social networks there was video on which Bendus insult to local journalist Anton Pantina and assault. The Commission of “United Russia” on ethics recommended the expulsion of the Bendus from the party. The Chairman of the Commission, state Duma Deputy Vasily Piskarev said that the EP will seek bendus deprivation of the Deputy mandate, he sent the decision to the Secretary of the regional branch of the party, the speaker of the Duma Yugra Boris Hohrjakova.

Khokhryakov called the behavior of MPs is unacceptable and directly contrary to the Charter of the party.

In April 2019 public Pantina deprived mandate of the Deputy of the Duma of Moscow in connection with loss of trust due to violations according to the results of Declaration campaign in 2017. The journalist assumed that the decision is connected with his opposition activities.

To the exclusion of the number of deputies in the spring several times to come to the attention of national media. So, in October 2017, he said RIA Novosti that he is ready to set up campaign headquarters of the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak.

In February of 2019, he spoke about the lack of food in a remote polar village in Ugra. In March of that year, Pantin said about the storage of expired baby food in the farewell hall mortuary in Yugorsk, after which the district cepstral punish the six employees of the local hospital, and SK filed a case of negligence.