“It will allow personal appearance of a person to a notary public instead of a passport if the person was previously placed on such data in a Single biometric system, to prove your identity with this new tool,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Denis Novak said that the notary has traditionally been an effective mechanism that addresses the challenges government and society relevant problems, including such problems, which, unfortunately, was caused by the situation with the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

“In General, the protection of the rights of participants of civil turnover in this difficult time are key in the legal profession. Not accidentally called the notary, preventive justice, since the identity of the transaction means giving her the reliability, reduces the risk of challenge, and prevent further dispute in court”, – said the Deputy Minister of justice.

Also, Denis Novak recalled that at the end of the year comes into force a law that introduces quite revolutionary digital innovations in the notary office.

“This law includes such important tools as machine-readable marking on each of a notarial deed, – he said. – We are talking about placing a QR code on the relevant notarial document that a citizen or any interested person could in real time, addressing a Single information system, to ensure the authenticity of the document.”

Another innovation: the possibility of remote treatment of persons for notarial action, a number of notarial acts can be completely done in electronic form, without personal appearance of the person who has applied to the notary.

“the required and the important point here is that all actions that are possible to commit in a completely distance format, without the personal attendance of a person to a notary public, is the lack of requirements for the establishment of the will of the person who has applied, – said Denis Novak. Thus, for the identity of the transactions will require the personal appearance, to ensure the reliability of such transactions, excluding caused, including the dissemination of new technologies the risks associated with fraud in the digital environment.”

the remote access can be witness by a notary the fidelity of translation of documents, transfer the documents of individuals and legal entities to other persons, to take to the notary’s Deposit monies to the Executive inscription to recover monetary sums or demand of debtor’s property for the notarization of contracts, notary to record some publish. For example, the facts of the persecution and insults. In addition, now in the remote mode are given extracts from the register of notifications on pledge of ´┐Ż´┐Żuiimage property.