Emotional pressure, anxiety, Stress, experience of Violence or Heartbreak. The Suffering hits, more and more people. In Switzerland, 15 percent of the population have symptoms of medium or high psychological distress. In the case of depression, the increase is compared to 2012, when women in the age group of 35 – to 44-Year-olds, even at nearly eight percent (see chart).

going to the psychiatrist or psychologist Was earlier still “ripe for the gäle Wägeli” disrespectfully down gekanzelt, are now becoming more and more prominent, you may not get more help when you come with the inner pain yourself more.

Also Influencerin Sylwina (29) saw only black

“I felt this deep sorrow, my thoughts were always dark and negative. The pressure on my heart, this hopelessness, I had no joy in life anymore.” So Influencerin Sylwina (29) is the story of their temporary state of mind. You, then, in the early 20th century, a young, sought-after, beautiful woman. “But to me it looked different. I just felt this endless Emptiness. Thoughts to end my life, accompanied me. Although I loved my life, no longer I held it, almost.”

Since you decided to commit yourself to a psychiatric hospital. Diagnosis: Acute depressive Episode. For ten days they remained there. “I never thought that I will bring something. Static, I participated in the therapy sessions, was sitting with some people on the ground for rounds of Feedback after an empty night.” During the three days she took psychotropic drugs. “You have taken from me the pressure that never came. That was the beginning of a new quality for me.”

her thoughts she shares on Instagram with your 55’000 followers. More than 11 000 have looked at your psychic Outing, hundreds thanks to her that you thought the parts that go to so many other by the head.

I think it is good and meritorious. People in the Public eye, and for many a role model, can afford to be most likely to talk about their own mental health problems. Many who have done this already, remember, that it has not done them any harm. The power of courage. But you have to be careful: Take a young lawyer, fails due to depression or a Burnout. Him I would advise caution, because it could be brake for him to have a Career. It is desirable that this is sometime the case.

I guess as a very high one. On the one hand, it helps the education about mental health problems, on the other hand, entstigmati it appears to the subject. And can many encourage to speak openly about their mental illness and to seek help.

Because the schools are sensitive to the early detection of received and, accordingly, with therapies is not responding. And that the inhibition threshold to go to a psychiatrist or psychologist, is always low. Also thanks to the celebrities Outings.

Joe had schwiler (60) is chief psychiatrist of the center for anxiety and depression treatment Zurich.

But what has triggered in you all the pain? “It is everything and is nothing. The pressure from the outside, to the Gymnasium, necessarily study, sexual come-on in the business to make money for the rent, the relationship is failed. Actually, a lot of the countless others also experience. Only for me it was too much,” the Zurich-born.

That Sylwina speaks openly and publicly about it, is a major concern. “I want problems with their own Psyche are no longer stigmatized.” Today, there are the issues of Stress and nervousness conditions, which is becoming back to your nibble. Sometimes more, sometimes less. “This I have to go now, with Yoga and Meditation. To me this helps best. And also, I remember how bad it was for me at that time. This want and I’ll see never more.”

Rapper Stress (41): “don’t Burden your friends, this is selfish,”

Against depression of the Lausanne Rapper Stress (41) fights also, he goes Public with it. On a Video he posted on his instagram page, he says: “Sometimes it is possible to see the future as an opportunity, if you have a Problem with your past.” He is active since two years, the musician’s weekly in therapy. His appeal: “don’t Burden your friends or family with your problems, that’s selfish.”

Gastro-entrepreneur Michel Péclard (50): “I am not ashamed that I sought help”

pain has many faces. In the case of Gastro-entrepreneur Michel Péclard (50) it was a case of death and a failed marriage. “My therapy has given me a second life. During two years I went once a week to a psychiatrist. Trigger the cancer was my cousin and the death of your much early. She was also my business partner, without you, there would be the pumping station in this Form. Add to this the separation of my wife came at the same time, this has pulled the rug from under the feet. The idea that I am now a divorced father with two sons, was hard to digest,” he says.

Rather than look at what is going on with him, he had plunged too quickly into new relationships, what could not in the long term, succeed. “It became clear to me that I acted and sometimes pretty fucked up. A friend of mine recommended a therapist, thanks to him, I cleaned up in my life. I lay on the Couch, the conversations with him were a confrontation and a challenge. Exactly what I need. In my Position as the owner and Chef there is hardly anyone who dares to question me. My psychiatrist had no trouble, for which I am enormously grateful,” said civil war, which hits him twice a year for lunch, “because to me, the exchange is doing extremely well. And half of my squad also goes to him, whether it be for Coaching or because of deeper problems. I am not ashamed that I have sought for psychological help, since I am recommend really to anyone.”

Tamy Glauser (34) experienced violence by their Ex-girlfriend

national Council-candidate Tamy Glauser (34) experienced by your Ex-girlfriend domestic violence, against which they could not defend themselves. Only by escape from New York back in Switzerland, she was able to free herself from the powerlessness to fight back. With the help of a therapy, it has managed the from Berne to process this traumatic experience.

Ex-Miss Switzerland Tanja Gutmann (42) had a brain tumor operation, handle

“After my brain tumour operation in 2002, I took up psychotherapy. To be able to handle anything and to gain the confidence in my body again,” says the Ex-Miss Switzerland and current hypnosis-therapist Tanja Gutmann (42). “I have to take soon a mental training. This is not against but for something. Namely, in order to optimize my Strengths and my quality of life. To be able to better pressure and cognitively more afford to degrade. I see it as an effective help to self-help,” she says.

Christina Surer (45) had a Trauma after a plane accident to treat

speed racer Christina Surer (45) took help after a plane accident in 2008 that you, physically, with cut wounds and a broken nose, mentally completely overwhelmed the supernatant. “As I thought, to die. This results in a extreme fear of flying developed. I was just sitting still, trembling, in a cold Sweat, terrified in my seat. It was my mother who said to me at the time was: You’ve got to get help! What I did in the case of a trauma therapist. Since I am freed of it, today I feel grounded, I’m happy. Should ever be something I would take without hesitation again for psychological help,” says Surer.

Prince William broke in the UK, the ice cream

An important contribution to speak openly and publicly about their own abysses, made two years ago, Prince William (37), wife Kate (37) and his brother Harry (34). They founded the Foundation “Heads Together”, which campaigns for people with mental health problems.

While William himself does not take in. An incident he has witnessed as a rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force, it had gone very close to it. “I have spoken with many colleagues about it and I’m glad I made this. Otherwise I would be struggling with mental health problems on a whole other Level.” His Outing took place in the UK, initially not well received, especially for Celebrities who he wanted to win for his Foundation, since the question of mental health will simply hushed up.

As Prince William calls for: “A mental illness is, unfortunately, a rating is still negative. We need to change in order to advance.” The Swiss Celebrities look so and stand by it, that they no longer get assistance, if you come alone.

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