On 1 June, the people’s artist of Russia Nadezhda Kadysheva has turned 61. Journalists Starhit told about the difficult life path of the singer that was able to cope with the family curse and several serious diseases.

Nadezhda Kadysheva was born in the village of Gorki, Samara region in the family of a railway worker and a housewife. She had three sisters: Faith, Maria, and Love. In the 70-ies of the mother of the future actress died of a heart attack. In an interview Kadysheva has repeatedly said that her mother was the deepest depression, which “burned her heart.” After my father brought home a new wife, the girls parted: the oldest Faith had gone into town and got a job at the plant, the average Mary went to live with distant relatives, and the youngest Hope and Love sent to a boarding school.

In 14 years, Nadezhda Kadysheva stood at a machine in a textile factory. She recognizes all their lives wanted to sing. At the second attempt, he entered the music school, where she met her future husband Alexander Kostyuk. After graduation, the young couple got married. In 1988, he created the ensemble “Golden ring”, which initially toured exclusively abroad. In the early ‘ 90s, the band became popular in Russia and several of her hits have become “popular hits”. At the same time, assure that journalists, professional success Kadysheva superimposed on severe tests.

When the artist was already over 30, doctors put her disappointing diagnosis – breast cancer. The actress mentally said goodbye to life, but

during the operation it turned out that the doctors were wrong. Two years later, history repeated itself: again the terrible diagnosis and the relief that sickness is actually there.

40 the age of Kadysheva has overtaken “the family curse”. At this age her mother died and hanged himself, the sister Love. The cause of death of both cousins artist called deep depression, which revealed to her.

“I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. Inside, everything SMARTS. Pain eats you whole without a trace”, – commented on his situation with the mass media, the singer.

To get out, she said, helped her husband and beloved work. In 40 years Kadysheva received the title of people’s artist.

In 2018, the soloist of the ensemble “Golden ring” underwent a serious operation: in the background of a busy touring schedule and constant lack of sleep, she developed tachycardia. Doctors managed to help Kadysheva and prevent her heart attack.

Today, the artist continues to work. Fans noted that despite the age of the singer looks great. Given that Kadysheva is the enemy of plastic

operations, fans stress that not every star is able to maintain itself in the same excellent shape.