Professional teeth whitening at the dentist is an expensive affair. There are also home remedies that can remove discoloration from teeth. Read here why you should avoid them.

Baking soda has the ability to whiten yellowed teeth, which is why it is also an ingredient in many special “whitening toothpastes”. It also neutralizes unpleasant odors and can therefore help against bad breath.

Since baking soda is not water-soluble, it rubs deposits off the teeth. But be careful – this also rubs off the important tooth enamel.

If the surface of the teeth is roughened, this can lead to deposits – and in the long term to discoloration and diseased teeth. The whitening effect of baking soda is therefore short-lived and soon reverses into the opposite.

A professional teeth cleaning is much better and more sustainable. This gently removes deposits. The teeth are also sealed so that discoloration does not occur as quickly.

You can prevent discoloration by brushing your teeth thoroughly on a regular basis. If discoloration is severe, you should also check your eating habits: smoking, drinking a lot of coffee and tea, and a few other habits are responsible for discolored teeth.

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